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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  January 29, 2013 5:30am-6:00am PST

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>> retaking troops captured the ancient city without a single shot being fired. welcome. the main stories. thousands ignored the curfew and take to the streets of egypt. funerals for the first victims of the brazil nightclub fire. ♪ last-minute rehearsals for the
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international debut. more international troops are on their way into mali. rebels are being pushed to the north of the country. troops crossed the border into mali on monday. they're expected to ask for about $950 million to fund the troops. they have managed to regain control of the city of timbuktu without a shot being fired. we were with the french troops as they made their advance in the city. >> french troops secure their hold on timbuktu. they captured the airport late on sunday.
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paratroopers were landing to the north of the city. these exclusive pictures show rebel fighters leaving their bases in timbuktu. they say they are regrouping rather than fleeing. they have said up checkpoints around the city to try to catch them. of timbuktu visits the airport. >> i have faith in the malian troops. i would say there's not any risk. >> the order comes to move into the center at timbuktu. the french have not entirely secure the city. they are leading the convoy into
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timbuktu. appearances can be deceptive. this will be for some time to come. people come out in larger numbers to greet them. the population of timbuktu is mixed. the crowd is celebrating. the soldier says their aim is to reunite the country. >> we felt good in timbuktu. we feel good at home. >> the french said they have felt the first steps of their mission, the captioning towns that the rebels have taken. a final step is to prevent the rebels from returning. this step will be the hardest.
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troops have established a physical presence in the city. they are talking to local people and sending a message that they are in charge rather than the al qaeda-linked rubbles that seized the city last year. timbuktu is not the end of the mission. we have seen late on monday have the equipment being dropped by parachute to the french at the base of timbuktu airport. they need to keep pushing north. the north is a large area. plenty of space for the rebels to hide. the mission is far from finished.
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the remaining step is the most difficult. >> a meeting to find a force. we're joined live. is it going as far as the money is concerned? >> we have lots of other countries, a total of 110 or more countries being represented to give money. a lot of money is being asked for. the number of peacekeepers were talking about 3300. there were like at least 8000 peacekeepers and the bill has risen. they want more than $460 million for the force. they think that is a reasonable
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figure. a western diplomat said he was shocked. 356.9re asking for $ million for the army and police. some countries are reticent to fund that. $90.6 milion for the regional -- you get $959.9 million u.s. dollars. that is about $2.6 million a day. that is a lot of money. discussions will continue. $67 million from the eu. japan will pledge $120 million --
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japan will pledge and money for humanitarian needs. >> that is an important aspect. thank you very much. passenger plane has crashed near kazakhstan. local media are reporting at least 20 people died when the aircraft came down in bed at weather. thousands of protesters have ignored a curfew imposed by the egyptian president. the opposition has refused the call for talks. have more -- we have more. >> was violence on the anniversary of one of the
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bloodiest days of the revolution. teargas covered downtown cairo with plumes of smoke. .hey've not held back a general was held hostage. these angry young men and women -- the opposition blocked -- the national front had six specific demands starting with the formation of a government and cancelling all the consequences of the desperation. >> was urged to stand his ground. >> no person or front has the power to force anything on the elected president. nobody should be able to
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implement any agendas or conditions for him to follow. >> thousands in this city are trying to force the curfew that was imposed. once again the president finds himself in a difficult position. this time the challenge restoring faith in his leadership at a time many people feel he has broken his promises one too many times. >> we are live in cairo. the defense minister has been talking pretty strong warnings. >> it was an unprecedented statement from the defense minister. field marshall may statement in which he said the
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ongoing dispute between forces in the country could lead to the collapse of the state. this is a very strong warning. he said the ongoing -- is a threat to the country. the army finds it difficult to balance out the freedoms of individuals and to protect state institutions and property. a strong statement and the most public statement we have heard from the army since it was sent back to the barents by the president of august of last year. there is deep concern among the military with this current crisis in the country. >> our political party is helping the military in any way? >> the point the defense minister made and this was
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unusual. he did not single out any political party or any political movement. he made reference to those intent on disrupting order. he directed his comments at the political world as a whole. he was talking about all political movements within the country. he was criticizing the government of president morsi for allowing the situation to have happen. many would interpret that as criticism of the government. >> thank you for that. military shelling in the central province. rebels are said to be fighting in those areas. there are reports of air force strikes near the capital damascus. troops are -- rebels are
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battling in the eastern city. the rebels control most of the conflicts. have released 11 fighters. russians have been advised to stock up on protective masks if they live near this volcano. still to come, red hot pictures. >> ilink tv.
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>> african union leaders are on strike to raise $1 billion to send troops to mali and to boost the existing defense force.
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warm welcome in timbuktu. thousands of egyptians have defied curfews to continue the anti-government protest. five days of protests are endangering national security. four people have been arrested in connection with sunday's night club fire in brazil. they are remembering the victims. >> family members buried this 18-year-old. he was in the nightclub that caught fire killing more than 230 people. he went back in to try to rescue trapped friends. >> he went in and out at least twice. the last time he won in, he
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never came out. >> the local gymnasium was turned into a morgue. she was going to turn 21 by the end of the week. monday was spent going through the interior of the night club looking for answers. the club was overcapacity. a flare was set off that apparently triggered the fire. there were no fire alarms or working fire extinguishers. the security guard might have closed the doors, trapping hundreds of people inside. it is believed the guards might have been unaware there was a fire and locked the doors to prevent people from leaving
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without paying their bar tabs. some people have been detained by police. >> how many people lost their lives? they made the mistakes. they should pay. >> almost half were students at the local university. there were over 10 funerals on monday. ket beingr, a new casca brought in. this type committee turning inward, leaning on each other for all they have lost. reporting in brazil. >> over 100 iraqi civilians are accusing them of abuse.
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the lawyers argue there was a systemic mistreatment. >> the interrogations' -- this policy here in the u.k. disproportionate cause. iraqis will face torture over death penalty. the reckless use of lethal force during the occupation of south east iraq. these are troubling practices. systemic issues are the root cause high up in the chain of command. >> complaints about major banks closing their accounts. of international sanctions against iran.
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>> the bait of international sanctions might leave iran unbowed. >> i feel i'm being treated unfair. >> the bank wrote it was closing his account without explanation. 21 other students got the same letter. all have one thing in common -- they are from iran. they fear they will have to return home without their degrees. >> that is the riddle for us. >> bank officials say the sanctions made them do wit. the students say they have done nothing wrong. a spokesman said they are not
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targeting iranian students. everybody who received a letter violated u.s. sanctions but they would not say how. they are turning away businesses to turn away risks. illegal transactions with other countries. >> we feel these students are innocent and are being unfairly targeted with a broad swath of discrimination. we're considering filing a complaint with the minnesota attorney general for discrimination and trade. becauseroblems stayiing the bank is were the grounds of the football team plays. each student gets a card like this.
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the bank pays the university $1 million a year in royalties. >> if you want cash, you can come right here. it is the only bank on campus. >> decisions were based on information linking accounts to iran. the effective sanctions are a matter of degree. university degree. >> u.s. congress has approved over $50 billion in aid for victims of hurricane sandy. it has been three months since hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses were destroyed. the package will now go to
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president obama to sign into law. the netherlands will have their first came after the queen -- their first king after the queen abdicates. >> the queen stepped down in 1948 in favor of her daughter. was 10 years old. turn. beatrix's she signed the application documents and handed over to her daughter. [cheers] now the queen has decided it is her time to step aside. >> i hope over the coming days to celebrate my seventh
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birthday and grateful that i'm in good health. it will be 200 years ago that we became a kingdom at the end of the year. this should be the year i should give my official resignation. >> her public life has seen a travesty. her marriage in 1966 went ahead despite large public protests. but public opinion softened over the years and his death was widely mourned. this will end more than one that on thef female brreigh eutch throne -- of female ra ign on the death thrown.
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ne. >> he is following in his mother's footsteps. >> the queen will revert to the title of princess. paul brennan, al jazeera. >> making an international debut. 52 students will play at prestigious concert halls in the united states. jennifer glass has been watching them rehearse in kabul. >> right now it is all about practice. the afghan youth orchestra is getting ready for its first international tour to the united states. >> i think this is a real cause for celebration. it was banned entirely. >> they have come a long way.
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first met them in 2010. the school saved her from a life on the streets. she has gone to the cello. she wants to show the world that afghan women have a future here. >> americans think afghanistan is a country at war. we have a children's rights. >> the orchestra will perform at the kennedy center in wash did, d.c. -- washington, d.c., and in new york at carnegie hall. >> we are celebrating. the music we're doing acknowledges the suffering that this country has endured over
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the past 40 years. >> the school has big plans for expansion. they are building a concert hall and dormitories for the musician. only one in five children who audition will get a place this year. as is the orchestra's youngest member and hopes to make his people proud. "there is peace in afghanistan because of the concert." >> i think it is important to show in spite of reports about suicide bombing and killing, there has been many positive changes in afghanistan. >> the possibility of the tell about having a future role in afghanistan, music is here to
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stay. jennifer glass, al jazeera, kabul. >> good. >> at least crutcher people have been killed by a severe wave on the east coast of australia -- at least quite sure people have been killed. we have a report from sydney. >> the only to evacuate the people was by air. more than 1000 people were at lifted -- were airlifted. >> we're asking people the main priority is life. listen to emergency service workers and their directions. >> 2000 properties went at least under water.
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the extreme weather led to more fun than danger. the wind whipped the sea into foam create a large bubble bath. brisbane escaped the worst. some businesses went under. most household look up early dry. the river reached an all-time high. the weather headed down the coast toward sydney. there was no serious damage done. the only thing still wild by tuesday was the sea. >> i will hang around for a bi t. >> floods two years ago killed
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35 people and damaged 35 homes and businesses. it hasn't been as bad this year. the worst does appear to be
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